【书摘】Matthew Bourne and His Adventures in Dance – The Car Man章节

  1. 一个大家都知道的事实:车男故事来源于《邮差总按两次铃》,也参考了Fight Club,Rocco and His Brothers (1960),My Own Private Idaho (1991),Rebel Without a Cause (1955),Blood Simple (1985),Midnight Express (1978)等很多电影(马伯真的是电影迷)。Luca这个角色来源于AC的Stranger。AC当时十动然拒。
  2. 哈巴涅拉给了Luca,波西米亚给了Lana,两个人共享了卡门的特质。
  3. Neither Adventures in Motion Pictures as it was when I made The Car Man nor New Adventures, the company I have today, is the place to show off your technique alone. 对部分纯技术舞者的diss。
  4. AM: The title role of The Car Man is Luca. However, following the story in the theatre, I feel that his story is told from the outside, whereas Angelo’s is told from inside. 观众对Angelo总会倾注更多同情。
  5. 关于Angelo:as you may remember, I always like to have one of those in a story: the sufferer When you’re telling the story, you make it as bad for that character as you can. Pile on the agony! 马伯你没有心!
  6. AM: Both the male characters are complex. The two leading women are relatively simple. MB: I’ve attempted to make the women more complex, but I guess they change less than the men, who both reverse your initial perception of them. AM提出的问题还是很尖锐的。
  7. In The Car Man, however, I find Alan Vincent absolutely definitive. He’s just got the look. He looks so not like a dancer. 尽管来源于AC的形象,但Alan给Luca这个角色定了调。
  8. 故事时间位1960,设定在美国中西部一个意大利裔小镇。
  9. I insisted on The Car Man. Luca is the title character. He is a car mechanic. He is also a fate symbol. He gets the fate theme. 关于最后命名:Luca便是这个Car Man。(这个命名一开始遭到了小小的抵制,包括宣传那边也觉得没有The更好听。)
  10. Alan hadn’t really done a leading part with us at that point. But he had been one of my favourite members of the corps of swans in New York, in terms of being very true to the movement, very musical, very exact with the choreography. And he still is, as The Swan. He’s the only person who does the choreography faithfully. 咦,马伯虽然让舞者自由发挥,但还是喜欢遵守原编舞的Alan呀。
  11. AM: There’s an Incredible Hulk quality to him. MB: Yes, but only on stage. Off stage, you don’t think, ‘Oh, what an enormous guy he is.’ He does stand out a little bit on stage because of his frame. 浩克……噗。这样看来Max演Luca可能性还是挺大的?身体特质相似,他自己也愿意演。
  12. When I was casting, I could see that several men – Will Kemp, Ewan Wardrop, and others – could play both Luca and Angelo. With women, however, I see them as either Lana or Rita. I haven’t yet seen a woman whom I can imagine playing both roles. 我觉得Will Bozier也适合两个角色……马伯!让他演!!!
  13. I would have preferred Rita more frumpy, more homely. In 2000, our dancers didn’t want that: and their version ended up working very effectively. But I did revise this character in 2007. 让Etta演保守居家的角色马伯你想多了啦,她可是你这么多年的合作者。
  14. I never said this to them, but I always felt that Angelo hadn’t found himself – that he was homosexual but hadn’t thought it through or found the right guy. However, I’m fairly sure that Will Kemp felt his Angelo was going to end up with Rita. 迷茫的Gay……所以我觉得Liam的Angelo看剧照就有种他已经被毁绝对回不了头的感觉,多半会随着Luca一起死,和Rita是不可能了。而Dominic只是一时鬼迷心窍,还能好好和Rita在一起。
  15. While I was planning the Luca role for Adam Cooper, the Angelo–Luca relationship was just going to be Angelo’s hero-worship of Luca. In my head, that worked better. I was planning twin solos for the two men, both in love, Angelo with Luca, Luca with Lana. But just before rehearsals I realized that I wanted a kissAlan (Luca) was fine about it. But I had to persuade Will (Angelo): he didn’t understand it at first. Etta and he were already working on troubled male–female relationships. 这一整段高亮。
  16. 马伯不喜欢给Luca贴上用“双性恋”这个标签,而是用了一个更加细节的描述:‘He’s a horny guy – he can go in any direction – he likes two different challenges, two difficult challenges – the wife of his boss and the local outcast.’
  17. In theatre and in dance, we’re constantly asking gay men to play straight. Here I wanted straight men to play the opposite, even if only part-time, and it had to be done seriously, from within. 虽然多数和少数性向是个很严肃的问题,但是我总觉得马伯你暴露了看直男演gay的喜好……
  18. 还是关于直男演gay:AM: Did you encounter any resistance? MB: I’d say that they were worried about losing sympathy. But that wasn’t a serious problem, and it didn’t last. Certainly now all my male dancers aspire to these roles. 所以马伯你这已经成为惯例了是吗?
  19. 关于Luca一开始对Angelo的感情:He likes Angelo’s hero-worship of him – likes having someone take that much interest in him. But also Luca saves Angelo from the mob. So Luca does have a nice, protective sympathetic side. Angelo is gentle, and maybe that’s what Luca likes. Alan would say of Angelo: ‘He’s available – and he wanted it. I gave it to him.’ For him, it was just another fling on the journey. And his sex with Lana gets interrupted – he’s still horny – Angelo’s there. Luca has an attachment to Angelo, however: an affection for him. That makes it hard for him in Act Two, especially when Angelo returns and confronts him, but also earlier, when Angelo’s jail sentence weighs on his own conscience. 一开始确实是like,而我个人觉得Luca是Angelo被陷害之后因为负疚感越发地陷入了对Angelo的思念,至于这种情感算不算爱情,见仁见智。
  20. Originally it was Rita – not Lana – who shot Luca. 诶?马伯说Rita一开始就不喜欢Luca(很明显),Luca陷害背叛了她的Angelo,而那一瞬间是为了救Angelo。但是现在的剧情显然更迷人。(但是Rita的演员们不能打死Luca不开心哈哈。)
  21. 关于Lana为何开枪:She realizes her own disappointment with Luca: since the killing of her husband, he’s never been the same man again. And she discovers that, even in the good days of their relationship, he had been double-timing her with Angelo. That’s the last straw. In her eyes, she’s redeeming herself by shooting Luca, because she’s saving Angelo from death. Enough is enough, no more violence(!), no more disruption of the community: that’s how she sees it. And Luca was the only person who could have incriminated her in Dino’s death. But the main reason is that she was already disenchanted with Luca and now she feels he’s betrayed her. Hence her timing. 这整一段都是重点。1、Luca杀人之后已经变了一个人,失去了魅力。2、她也在赎罪,通过把这个外来的扰乱者杀死的方式。3、Luca是唯一能证明她有罪的共犯。4、也是最重要的一点,她这一刻意识到Luca原来从很早以前就背叛了她。
  22. 最初对Dino的角色设定包含了“暴力”,但是被Scott拒绝了。Scott设定里Dino曾经是帅气的但是现在没有魅力了。但是马伯不希望这个角色激起观众的同情。15新版Alan演的Dino就更加暴力。但说实话我还是更喜欢Scott的演绎:更加凸显了Saranne的Lana作为女性的自觉和欲望。
  23. ‘Hot’ Rod: ‘Rugged, scary guy with plasters on his face and bruises, tattoos. ‘Youngest guy (18) – Joker, general help around place (trainee). Mascot to other workers. Has a crush on Lana. 两个配角的人设。
  24. It’s a small town. Everyone’s had several relationships, everyone knows who’s been with whom. It stands to reason there’d be some gay activity. These two men – they’re called Vito and Marco – aren’t accepted by all the community. Hot Rod and the more bigoted garage workers won’t stand for it. 关于Gay Couple。可是我觉得15里这俩(Andy和Reubens)平时欺负Angelo开Gay玩笑也挺顺手……然后车震那一幕还和DC玩起了3P……这,我看你们接受良好?
  25. 关于Angelo和Rita的第一次duet:They try it. But it’s unsuccessful. The duet shows that. It suggests they’re in bed together at one point. But he moves away. She looks up, as if he’s left the bed. He ‘says’ (in movement), ‘I can’t.’
  26. 给Angelo最初设定是有只老鼠宠物,戴眼镜的书呆子。
  27. 洗澡场景只是为了开心,本来马伯表示随便你们露多少,结果马伯被dancer们的大胆开放震惊了。
  28. And the Bizet fate motif – as if to remind us that Luca would otherwise have gone – as they wield the spanner. 关于Fate motif。这段动机在剧中非常明显。
  29. 第一幕结尾发生了什么其实00官摄讲得很清楚,这里不复制马伯的描述了,但是这一段真的层次很多。
  30. But the whole scene is typical of me. I want my heroes to suffer as much as possible. 振聋发聩again。
  31. 最早的狱卒有恋足癖倾向?后来马伯说把这条删了。可是我觉得15这段和01差不多啊?
  32. When he attacks Rita, they all rattle the bars of their cells, as Bizet’s fate motif returns. At another point, they echo his movements. 关于同监狱的其他犯人。
  33. Angelo pulls down the shutter again, only this time in front of the whole town. He looks at Luca and Lana as if to say ‘They – not me – are the murderers.’ 所以Angelo没有全部听信Rita为妹妹开脱的话,他自己拼凑出了真相。
  34. 最后一幕依旧非常West Side Story,这点我也感觉到了。
  35. So then Angelo walks across to Luca. He caresses him. And then looks at Lana. ‘He’s mine,’ he’s saying to her. Luca has to accept this (Angelo’s got the gun). But for Lana, it is one twist she’d never anticipated, and one loss of control. She feels betrayed and runs off hysterical. 这里我真的要夸Liam在剧照里那副模样……“他是我的。”又疯又病,吓人又色情。wet-the-car-man-17
  36. Luca manages to get Angelo to put down the gun, and he challenges him to fight. Yes, he taught Angelo how to fight. (Nice bit of irony there.) But Angelo in prison has learnt how to fight better, and can turn that against him. Angelo is a new man here: scary, passionate, and even dangerous. Luca, despite his natural brute force, is a broken man. 力量倒转,原本在Stranger身上的黑衣现在穿到了Angelo身上。
  37. Next comes the Judas kiss. Angelo kisses Luca before everyone. ‘This is what we were,’ he tells the crowd. ‘Look at what we could have had together,’ he tells Luca. (The fate motif occurs here. It makes the kiss work marvellously.) We cut the laughter I originally gave Angelo here. When Luca wields the gun on Angelo, there’s a great emphasis here on eye contact between them. So Luca, looking Angelo in the eye, just can’t shoot. 哎……就是因为这个开不了枪让我觉得,Luca对Angelo的感情比纯粹的负罪感更加复杂而深刻……不过大笑删掉我有些可惜,我觉得如果是Liam,可以让他笑的。tn-1000_tobwthecarmanimageiliam&chris
  38. 结局:Luca entered stage right on his way into town at the top of the show. In the Epilogue, he’s carried off stage right – to be buried. Lana and Angelo just sit there, shattered. Rita starts to wash off the ‘MURDERER’ graffito from the diner shutter. Town life will carry on. Luca从来路被抬走,小镇生活继续,仿佛什么事情都没有发生。
  39. 另外两个Luca同时也扮演Angelo:Will found a lot of ‘swagger’ to his Luca; and Ewan, being a natural comic, was cheekier to begin with.
  40. 酒吧黑衣女名叫Shirley,最开始只是萍水相逢的黑衣女人。在演出之后观众都在问她是不是死神,于是马伯把她改成了酒吧经营者,也算是往死神身上靠了。我第一次看觉得是她是复仇女神。
  41. We were playing it in Los Angeles, but the opening night was the night after 9/11… The night afterwards, we gave a free performance for anyone who wanted to come: we made a speech about what had happened the previous day. It was a wonderful and memorable performance that made us remember how art and entertainment are so important to us all… But the rest of the American tour was cancelled. People round America just stopped going out. 9-11对美巡的影响。哎想到现在的新冠……
  42. I think all the townsfolk make a collective decision to deal with the situation. To bury him. To forget he ever came. To rebuild their shattered lives. “Luca死后怎样”。
  43. And the sign above them tells you: ‘You’re leaving Harmony. Come back soon.’ 就很嘲讽。这种对小镇生活的把握太细致到位了,我觉得马伯用语言也没能完全说出来,只能自己感受。
  44. Lana goes to jail. Angelo gets off. Lana has Luca’s baby in jail. Rita and Angelo bring up Luca’s baby … Et cetera, et cetera. 马伯的深井冰脑洞:养我情人和情敌的儿子。不过我真的觉得Liam的Angelo活不下去。“没有你我活不了。”(Thrill Me乱入)
  45. I remember Richard and Sam hinting that they would like to play Luca (Richard) and Angelo (Sam), which I thought was very sweet at the time, since the characters become lovers in the piece and these two performers had become such good friends creating Edward Scissorhands together. I’m not sure they saw it quite that way, though. 马伯丧心病狂嗑西皮。
  46. So I ended up casting them both as Angelo. 马伯丧心病狂拆西皮。(马伯你不是人,真的,不是人。你就说说温莎那个身板谁欺负得了他?!)
  47. 复排改动的细节:Now we have a lovely moment when, during the wild dancing of the others, Angelo crosses the stage, straightening his hair, to ask Rita to join him in a dance. When they do actually start dancing together, the group movement looks awkward on them. The others all stop, stare, and laugh them off the dance floor. 另外Rita改动得更加自卑,形象更保守,和Angelo同样是被嘲弄的人。
  48. Luca出场:Lana is frozen; Angelo is also attracted by him. I wanted a spotlight on Luca and Lana. What I was thinking of was the movie of West Side Story, and the moment when Tony and Maria first set eyes on each other. 再次提及WSS。
  49. Rita is seen looking longingly at Angelo who is looking at Luca who is looking at Lana who looks with distaste at her husband Dino. 马伯你这个舞台笔记真是够了。
  50. ‘The boxing lesson and her dance have made him horny as hell and he suddenly pounces on her on the kitchen table – they are insatiable for each other …’ 教Angelo拳击其实也让Luca性起了?所以Angelo本身还是有吸引力的,并不是单纯泄欲……
  51. His ‘head is spinning, he doesn’t know what has happened, but he feels happy and exhilarated. (Solo.) Angelo的第一次。
  52. The scene begins and ends with a kiss: the same kiss, different people receiving it. Lana和Angelo的双人舞。其实音乐剧里经常有“两人爱一人”的时空交错,但是音乐剧里通常比较无聊,舞剧讲爱情和情绪不知为何好看得多。
  53. 所以Rita讲述了部分真相之后Angelo自己把它拼了起来……the news confuses Angelo – and enrages him. Until now, he thought Luca was his friend/lover.
  54. You even thought of Luca and Angelo dancing together to show that ‘they are thinking of each other’. 后来没能实现。他俩确实一直没有共舞。
  55. ‘Lana and Luca’s relationship is decaying. He is guilt-ridden, drinking heavily, and a mess. She is over-made-up, flirting, slightly pathetically, with any man who will pay attention. Luca is no fun any more; there is still love there, but he has changed, has become weak and troubled. Lana和Luca在谋杀之后的关系变化。
  56. Lana flirts and dances with a group of men, annoying their girlfriends, trying to make Luca react. He doesn’t respond. 唉,毕竟是共犯。
  57. ‘There is a sense that the whole community has become more violent and lusty, decaying along with Lana and Luca’s relationship.’ 小镇确实就是那种凋敝感。
  58. 原版的最后一幕:Then Angelo emerges from the crowd. ‘He faces Luca as if to challenge him … Angelo teases Luca initially, and then, like an animal, in a savage frenzy, he beats Luca to a bloody pulp. Luca, on his knees, looks up to Angelo for mercy; they look into each other’s eyes for a moment; and, as the crowd expects Angelo to finish him off with one final blow, he walks across to him, takes his bloody fa ce in his hands, and kisses him violently on the lips and throws him to the floor. His own face now smeared with Luca’s blood, Angelo turns away and laughs wildly, but his laughter soon turns to tears. He seems to regret what he has done. As Angelo turns back, Luca is pointing a gun at him, shaking. Angelo walks slowly towards him, holding his hand out for the gun. As Luca looks as if he might hand it over, a shot rings out, and Luca drops to the floor. 所以原先的战局更多是Angelo一边压倒性的优势而不是现在的势均力敌Angelo险胜,伸手让Luca交出枪真的很强势了,是我想看到的、变成黑衣的Angelo!尽管现在人设发生了变化,我还是觉得可以保留Angelo的大笑……多疯啊!




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