【书摘】Matthew Bourne and His Adventures in Dance – Edward Scissorhands章节

  1. 关于音乐家的更替:因为Danny无视了deadline最后让Terry完成。我觉得也就还好Terry是Danny的粉不然可能会生气诶。
  2. 但是马伯甚至有些庆幸最后是Terry完成了工作,可能觉得Danny太忙不好合作……
  3. You don’t think that you can’t do something. You think you will do it, even if you don’t know how to at the time, or if you haven’t got any easy answers. 马伯为什么能获得成功。
  4. 本来想定Will Kemp但是他不愿意和Sam同样场数……所以之前的戏First和Second场数是不一样的吗?现在我感觉至少巡演期间都是相等场数的……
  5. MB本来觉得温莎不合适剪刀手,但后来发现他很Sensitive。(虽然他演的鹅在我眼里还是显得有些笨重……)
  6. 又讲一遍温莎和Sam Archer的友谊(和自己怎么拆西皮),我有点好奇他俩的王子鹅组合了。
  7. Edward’s like a stray dog. He’ll follow you around, he wants to please, he wants to belong. And he’s loyal and devoted to his master or mistress. 其实……我觉得Will的鹅也很像流浪猫猫诶。
  8. They all treat him like a freak in a way, without realizing it completely. But when he shows interest in their daughter, they don’t like it at all. It’s too close to home. That’s a step too far. 带他回家只是为了炫耀自己的善良,但一旦Edward可能会进入自己家庭,善良就不复存在了……唉。
  9. It was Scott who wrote up those characters for everyone. On day one, he gave each one a file, with the whole scenario, with breakdowns of characters, with notes on who their characters had relationships with, with references they could use or not use. Scott写了24份小作文。这部剧的人物比起其他而言更多,而且特点鲜明。
  10. AM: My sister Marian went to Highland Fling at Wimbledon and enjoyed it all the more because there was a Q&A afterwards, with Etta Murfitt doing the A. My sister asked, ‘What is it Matthew actually does, since you contribute so much?’ Etta just said, ‘He’s a genius. He chooses the good bits.’ MB: That’s nice. Well, people often say things like ‘He chooses the best idea in the room.’ AM的姐妹和他一样毒舌哈哈。
  11. But there is more to it than that. I’m the one who sets the tasks and establishes the climate. And then I’m the one who adjusts what they come up with. The trick is to make everyone ‘feel’ they have created the whole thing. 马伯的进一步解释。
  12. Edward看到拉拉队海报上的Kim,以为对方和自己一样有奇怪的手于是爱上了她。
  13. Then the three Kims put Edward to bed. Which is privately very funny, because all the Edwards find this the most erotic experience imaginable. They’re so excited by these three girls in short skirts putting them to bed. It’s a big fantasy. In rehearsals they were absolutely loving it. Edward看着海报幻想出三个Kim送他上床睡觉。
  14. 从天而降的蒲包垫,还有He turns it onto maximum spin by mistake and so she finally reaches her climax on the washing machine without his help. What马伯What。
  15. 故事的结尾和开头都发生在小男孩的墓地。爱德华跌跌撞撞回到了这个墓园,看到了他的名字,看到了the life he was supposed to live.
  16. 墓地duet is about them trying to work it out physically, but they can’t. It’s not an idea that many duets are about – the physical problem of being together. 再一次cue West Side Story:There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us.
  17. 结局,爱德华消失在雪中。而谢幕时爱德华让观众席撒下纷纷扬扬的大雪,他和金不鞠躬,只是看着观众。Etta说她坐在观众席每看必哭。
  18. 预演的时候有演树篱的演员掉进观众席哈哈哈哈。
  19. 打开音乐盒是爱德华第一次听到音乐,这里借鉴了弗兰肯斯坦第一次遇到盲眼小提琴家的经历:某种东西突然被打开。
  20. Caroline originally wanted a scene of pulling and ripping him apart. Which I found too clear-cut and a touch too horrific for our younger audience. I wanted an ending where you weren’t sure what had happened completely. 人干事啊!
  21. 马伯结局和电影(活着分隔两地)不同,是多年以后年迈的Kim回到Edward的坟墓,将剪刀贴在脸上,这时天上下起了雪。His spirit is there in the falling snow. And in her heart. 所以马伯你宁愿他死了是吗!
  22. 剪刀手太大所以每个手指都要单独编舞。
  23. 剧情简介我大致略过去了,还是希望有一天能亲眼看到之后再回头读。这个故事本身并不艰深,一个异类如何从标新立异的玩物到人人唾弃的对象是经久不衰的话题了,这个“不同”可以是任何方面。
  24. 我好想看到Liam的剪刀手啊呜呜呜呜呜呜!
04.12.2014 Matthew Bourne Company performing Edward Scissorhands at Sadlers Wells Theatre London UK Farewell Duet: Edward Scissorheads Liam Mower & Kim Boggs Katy Lowenhoff (Photo by Leo Mason/Popperfoto via Getty Images)




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